Roscosmos will launch unfinished Angara

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Roskosmos will launch unfinished Angara

The structurally heavy Angara-A5 rocket, which Roscosmos plans to launch in November for the second time in its history from Plesetsk, will not differ from the launch vehicle, which was first launched in December 2014. This was announced in the program “Space environment” on “Roscosmos TV” by the chief designer of the complex Dmitry Petrov.

The specialist noted that the rocket, according to the tactical and technical assignment, will put 2.4 tons of load into low-earth orbit (during the first launch, two tons were launched). “Structurally, the rocket does not differ from the first launch rocket,” said the chief designer of the complex.

In October, Dmitry Rogozin, the general director of Roscosmos, admitted that the rocket created by the Khrunichev Center, launched in December 2014, was unfinished. According to him, the carried out “test did not confirm the requirements of the customer,” because “the withdrawn mass was lower than necessary.”

In October, a TASS source in the rocket and space industry reported that the second-ever launch of the Russian Angara-A5 heavy rocket from the Plesetsk cosmodrome was scheduled for November.

In July, the former general director, ex-designer of the Khrunichev Center, Vladimir Nesterov, explained the high cost of Angara-A5. “Wages, electricity, gas, heat, overhead costs, transport services need to be entered somewhere. And when a three-fold production cycle is hung on one product, naturally, its price triples, ”said the former head.

In the financial report of the Khrunichev Center for 2019, it was reported that the cost of production of Angara-A5 is seven billion rubles, which is three times more expensive than the Proton-M rocket, which it has to replace.

The Khrunichev Center is considered the most problematic and unprofitable enterprise of Roscosmos. One of the company's failed projects is the development of a family of carriers “Angara”, which in the heavy version should replace the “Proton-M”. The creation of missiles has been going on for more than a quarter of a century and has required more than three billion dollars. In light and heavy versions, the carrier flew twice (in July and December 2014). Currently, the debts of the Khrunichev Center exceed 80 billion rubles, which is comparable to the annual budget of the state corporation.

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