Roskachestvo warned about the danger of applications “My guests” in social networks

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Roskachestvo warned about the danger of applications

Roskachestvo warned about the danger of applications “My guests” in social networks

Roskachestvo conducted a study of the applications “My guests” in the social network “VKontakte”. The main dangers of using such programs are the lack of confidentiality guarantees and the likelihood of writing off money from the account, the department warned.

Experts examined 56 applications of this type (40 on Android and 16 on iOS), and none of them passed the test successfully.

The main thing to be wary of when installing such applications is the lack of privacy guarantees and the likelihood of debiting money from your account, warned in Roskachestvo. According to the department, having received the client's data or taking his money, such a program may simply disappear. This is exactly what happened with ten of the 56 apps studied – they were removed from stores.

The specialists also analyzed the traffic direction of the installed programs. It turns out that 60 percent of applications sent requests to other countries during authorization, with the majority going to Turkish servers. The process in which the IP address is taken to a third-party server, employees of the Center for Digital Expertise of Roskachestvo compared with the fact that a person gives the keys to his apartment to a stranger and asks to open the door.

The VKontakte administration has warned for several years that there are simply no applications through which you can find out data about guests who came to the user's page, – they recalled in Roskachestvo. The department's specialists recommended using only official mobile clients.

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