Roskomnadzor blocked Open Media and MBH Media

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Roskomnadzor blocked Open Media and MBH Media

Roskomnadzor on Wednesday, August 4, blocked the sites of the publications “Open Media” and “MBH Media”. This follows from the data of the Roskomnadzor service for checking the restriction of access to sites.

As reported in the Telegram channel of the Open Media publication, on the evening of August 4, the editorial office received four letters from Roskomnadzor demanding the removal of illegal information. “The site” Open Media “,, was blocked by most providers as of 21:30 Moscow time on Wednesday, August 4,” – the message says.

The address of “Open Media” springs in the special list of Roskomnadzor, which includes sites containing in their materials “calls for mass riots, the implementation of extremist activities, as well as participation in mass events that are cited in violation of the established order.”

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