Roskomnadzor decided not to block Twitter

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Roskomnadzor decided not to block Twitter, since the moderators of the social network removed more than 91% of the prohibited information, according to a message on the agency's website. Roskomnadzor promised to remove the restriction on the speed of Twitter on stationary devices, while the slowdown in social network traffic on mobile devices will be preserved.

Roskomnadzor reported that Twitter management sent a letter to the department stating that the company fully shares the agency's actions to combat socially dangerous content and expects to take all necessary measures to remove it. The management of the social network expressed “readiness and interest in building a constructive dialogue” with Roskomnadzor and asked not to take action to block Twitter, as well as to remove the current restrictions on its work.

To date, there have been cases of posting illegal materials on other Internet sites, including Facebook and YouTube, Roskomnadzor reported. “If these platforms do not take appropriate measures, similar sanctions may be applied to them,” the ministry said.

Roskomnadzor announced the start of the Twitter slowdown on March 10. The reason for this was publications with prohibited information, which the social network did not delete at the request of the department. Subsequently, Roskomnadzor threatened Twitter with blocking for a month if the posts were not deleted. Also, the department allowed the work of other social networks, including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, to slow down, if they do not comply with the department's requirements to remove content prohibited in Russia.

More details – in the material “Kommersant” “Slow down and conquer”.

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