Roskomnadzor recalled fines for failure to remove calls for protests

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Moscow. April 19th. INTERFAX.RU – Roskomnadzor reported that it found publications on the Internet with prohibited calls to go to uncoordinated protests.

The department reminded the owners of social networks, media and other Internet resources that such materials should be immediately blocked. The RKN also recalled that the fine for refusing to block such content can range from 800 thousand to 4 million rubles, and in case of a repeated violation, the fine increases to one tenth of the total amount of the company's annual revenue.

Earlier, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia and its regional headquarters warned about the inadmissibility of entering unauthorized actions and promised that they would not allow destabilization of the situation. The Prosecutor General's Office of Russia, in turn, reminded of the responsibility for participating in such events, for calling for them, of the need to remove such calls from the Internet, and warned parents that they could be held accountable if their children went to rallies.

Supporters of Alexei Navalny are urging to go out into the streets. They demand that he receive adequate medical attention.

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