Roskosmos declassified negotiations of the deceased Soyuz-11 crew

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Roskosmos has published talks between the Soyuz-11 spacecraft crew members Georgy Dobrovolsky, Vladislav Volkov and Viktor Patsaev, who died on June 30, 1971 on their return to Earth due to depressurization of the descent vehicle. The recording of the negotiations is available on the website of the state corporation.

Declassified negotiations between the crew and the measuring point before the launch of the ship. In particular, the cosmonauts close hatches, report on the situation, check the time. The specialists of the measuring point also reported on the health of the crew. “Your parameters are excellent. And the breathing rate is excellent. The pulse rate does not exceed 76 in all. Keep this in mind. All this is very good ”, – reported from the measuring point.

The Soyuz-11 crew was to dock with the world's first orbital station Salyut-1, reactivate it and conduct a number of scientific experiments. The astronauts coped with the task successfully.

During the return to Earth at an altitude of about 100 km, due to a design flaw, the spacecraft was depressurized.

“For several seconds, before losing consciousness, the astronauts tried to fix the breakdown. In a few seconds, the pressure inside the spacecraft dropped and the cosmonauts died, ”the Roscosmos website says.

After the Soyuz-11 disaster, manned flights in the USSR were discontinued and were not carried out for two years – until September 1973. The disaster led to the adoption of new standards. Now astronauts are sent into orbit only in hermetically sealed spacesuits.

In 2018, the launch of the Soyuz-FG rocket with a spacecraft ended in failure. At the 118th second of the flight, one of the side blocks could not be disconnected from the central one, as a result of which an accident occurred. Thanks to the triggered emergency rescue system, the ship's crew managed to escape. In 2019, Soyuz-FG was discontinued.

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