Rospropaganda claims that Russia will legalize the so-called parallel imports


Rospropaganda claims that Russia is legalizing so-called parallel imports

Propagandists claim that Russia is legalizing so-called parallel imports/Radio Liberty

The propagandists of the aggressor country claim that Russia will legalize the so-called parallel imports. We are talking about the import into the territory of the state of goods on which there is a trademark, without the permission of the copyright holder.

This was stated by the Center for Counteracting Disinformation under the National Security and Defense Council.

The list of such goods includes: car parts, components for electronics and household appliances, equipment for industry, as well as clothing and footwear from more than 200 brands that have officially left Russia.

Pay attention! According to international law and the standards of the World Trade Organization, “gray” imports are camouflaged contraband. Therefore, supplier companies run the risk of being blacklisted by the US and the EU.

As reported by the JRC, legalization will only create competition for Russian manufacturers, as the cost of components and raw materials for them has increased. At the same time, they pay all taxes and fees, unlike “gray” deliveries.

The Kremlin's attempts to compensate for the withdrawal of foreign companies from the market indicate the defeat of the import substitution program, they added in the JRC.

Recall that due to the full-scale invasion of Russia into Ukraine, more than 750 global companies have already announced the restriction or termination of work on the territory of the aggressor country.

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