Russia activated all Putin's agents in the USA, attracted “heavyweights” – political scientist

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Russia has activated all of Putin's agents in the United States, attracted


Her task is to criticize the policies of the Biden administration and personally, first of all, against Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Joe Biden.

The political scientist said this in an interview journalist Elena Tribushnaya, writes HB.

He said that a number of articles have been published in the United States that criticize the policies of Biden and Austin. In particular, Putin's agents are serious about Austin's statement that the goal of the United States in this war is the victory of Ukraine, the restoration of its territorial integrity and the weakening of Russia.

“This position is under attack all Putin’s agents, and quite seriously. I don’t know how curated this attack is, and whether the delay with the help that we see is related to it,” the political scientist noted.

Earlier it was reported that during a special operation in Kievskaya region The Security Service of Ukraine exposed an organized criminal group acting in the interests of the Russian special services.

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