Russia admits it is holding human rights activist Maxim Butkevich prisoner


Russia admitted to holding human rights activist Maksim Butkevich captive

The Russian Defense Ministry admitted that it was holding human rights activist and journalist Maxim Butkevich prisoner. He has been with the occupiers for two months already.

In Russia, they also told where Butkevich is, and what is the state of his health. This was announced by Russian human rights activist Pavlovikov, channel 24 informs.

Where is Butkevich

The Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed that Ukrainian human rights activist Maxim Butkevich is located on the territory of the quasi-republic “LPR”. The state of health of the human rights activist is “satisfactory”.

In addition, in a commentary to the Public, Butkevich's mother Yevhenia said that she had received confirmation that her son was alive and in captivity. According to her, he was at a meeting with a “representative of human rights”, where he was offered to call his relatives by phone, but he could not remember the mobile number, so there was no conversation.

Russia admits it is holding human rights activist Maxim Butkevich prisoner

In Russia confirmed that Butkevich is in captivity.

What is known about Maxim Butkevich

Butkevich joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine in March 2022. Prior to that, he was a human rights activist for Without Borders.

“Unfortunately, he must put his refugee, humanitarian and human rights activities on pause. There are times when you need to be ready to protect what is important – I firmly believe in this. And the rest – after the victory,” Butkevich wrote on social networks. .

Earlier, Butkevich's mother Yevgenia said that the Joint Center for the Search and Release of Prisoners is trying to free Maxim. The department is subordinate to the Security Service and the Main Directorate of Intelligence. According to the woman, she did not receive information from them, but only a message that the Butkevich case was being worked on.

The prisoner's mother noted that only two prisoners from her son's platoon got in touch. This happened on June 25 and 26.

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