Russia admits its inability to capture key Ukrainian cities – British intelligence


Russia admits its failure to capture key Ukrainian cities, – British intelligence

Russia admits its failure to capture key Ukrainian cities/Channel 24 Collage

< strong _ngcontent-sc129="">The withdrawal of Russian troops from the Kharkiv region is a tacit admission of Russia's inability to capture key Ukrainian cities in eastern Ukraine.

This is reported by British intelligence. The secret service noted that Russia did not expect such a powerful resistance from the local population.

The tactics of the Russian troops turned out to be losing

British military intelligence data shows that the recognition of the Donbass as a priority weakened and made vulnerable the units of Russian troops deployed in the Kharkiv region. Consequently, the mobile and highly motivated Ukrainian defenders were able to continue a successful counteroffensive.

Ukrainian troops continue their counterattack north of Kharkov, repelling towns and villages towards the Russian border, the ministry said in a statement. .

Despite the relative success of Russia in the encirclement of Kharkov in the initial stages of the war against Ukraine, the aggressor state, according to intelligence reports, partially withdrew its units from the region to reorganize and rebuild its forces after losses.

The British intelligence service believes that after restoration, these forces will be deployed on the eastern bank of the Seversky Donets River. In this way, enemy groups will create a blocking force to protect the western flank, where the main Russian forces will be concentrated, and also pave the way for the supply of necessary weapons to continue operations in the Izyum region.

The situation in Kharkiv region

During an appeal on May 10, Volodymyr Zelensky said that the Ukrainian military was pushing the invaders away from Kharkov. However, the APU is making superhuman efforts for this, so it is not necessary to prematurely show excessive emotions that can damage our defenders.

Despite the successes of the APU, the infidels still control part of the area. The General Staff noted that enemy units are hiding mobile communications. This is necessary to prevent people from exchanging information and quickly disseminating data on the movement of enemy equipment. Infidels also want to demoralize people by taking away their ability to communicate with their families.

In addition, the invaders forbid Ukrainians to leave the occupation. Many locals were left without electricity and water. In particular, the critical situation in the temporarily occupied Izyum. Recently it became known that 44 people were found dead under the rubble of a house that was destroyed back in March.

Interestingly, the destroyed Russian tanks at the crossing over the Seversky Donets: watch the video

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