Russia again increased the number of ships in the Black Sea, preparing for a missile attack – Gumenyuk


Russia again increased the number of ships in the Black Sea, preparing for a missile attack - Gumenyuk

The Russians again increased their presence in the Black Sea, keeping more than 10 ships there. The occupiers are ready to launch a missile strike with Caliber missiles.

This was announced by the speaker of the Joint Coordinating Press Center of the Defense Forces of the South of Ukraine Natalia Gumenyuk at a briefing at the Military Media Center, writes Channel 24 .

The volley of Russian ships in the sea is 24 “Caliber”

She informed that the enemy has increased the ship grouping compared to previous weeks and now there are 13 ships in the Black Sea.

Among them are 4 rocket carriers – 2 surface and 2 underwater. The total salvo of Caliber can be 24 high-precision missiles. – said Natalia Gumenyuk.

She stressed that the withdrawal of launch vehicles indicates readiness for their use, and not necessarily all 24 Kalibr are ready for launch.

  • It should be noted that on March 1, Russia concentrated 15 ships in the Black Sea at once, of which 5 were missile carriers. However, by evening, the occupiers brought one of the launchers to the base point.
  • The representative of OK “South” noted that submarine rocket carriers pose a serious threat. The reason is that missile launches from such ships are difficult for air defense forces to detect.

What is the situation in the South?

The operational command “South” reported that the situation in the south of Ukraine remains tense, but controlled.

The occupiers are shelling the right bank, using all the weapons they can pull up. Over the past 24 hours, as a result of enemy shelling, 11 people were injured, including a one and a half year old child. As of March 2, at least 4 more people were injured.

In the Ochakovsky direction, the enemy continues pinpoint shelling. The invaders do not stop aerial reconnaissance: another unmanned reconnaissance aircraft of the Orlan-10 type was destroyed in the Kherson direction. A hostile ammunition load was also blown up there.

On the Kinburn Spit, according to the results of the fire work of the Ukrainian military, the enemy left three pieces of equipment to burn out.

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