Russia again sprays sanctions: this time, 154 members of the British House of Lords are out of favor


Russia again sprays sanctions: this time 154 members of the British House of Lords are out of favor

Russia has imposed sanctions against members of the UK House of Lords/BBC

The Russians continue to make the civilized world laugh with their “mirror sanctions”. They still believe that at least one adequate person will come to them someday, not to mention any cooperation.

Great Britain has become a powerful ally of Ukraine in the war against Russian invaders. The enemy decided to punish the British elite in a peculiar way, forbidding them to enter Russia, where none of them planned to travel. >Rashists began to frighten the civilized world, forbidding what no one was going to do anyway – to go to Russia. The occupiers are convinced that after the war against Ukraine they have at least some chance to arouse the interest of adequate people.

The Russian Foreign Ministry announced that, in response to the March sanctions of Great Britain, it prohibits 154 members of the House of Lords of the British Parliament from entering Russia. What they would have to forget there in order to make such a journey, the rashists did not explain.

“These persons, who are now banned from entering our country, made a direct contribution to the development of London's anti-Russian sanctions measures aimed at creating conditions for the political isolation of Russia and the destruction of its economy, used their authority to whip up anti-Russian hysteria in the UK, indulged the Russophobic political” course “, the Russians said in a statement.

Sanctions against Russia: latest news

  • Russian oil is losing demand – no one wants to buy it from infidels. more than 60 million barrels of oil from Russia is a record. It is reported that a large amount of this oil cannot be found by Russians.
  • Russians are confidently stepping back in time. The number of push-button phones has increased in Russia. No, it's not the desire of Russians to limit themselves in the use of social networks – imports of smartphones fell sharply.Even Chinese brands that did not announce their withdrawal from the Russian market began to supply the invaders less of their products.

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