Russia and Belarus agreed to cancel roaming

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Russia and Belarus agreed to cancel roaming

Russia and Belarus have agreed to abolish roaming on the territory of the Union State. This is envisaged by one of 28 union programs signed today in Minsk by Russian and Belarusian Prime Ministers Mikhail Mishustin and Roman Golovchenko, TASS reports on Friday, September 10.

Thus, the abolition of roaming is stated in the 25th union program – “Formation of uniform principles for the functioning of a single communications and informatization market.” It is noted that the countries have agreed to develop new and update existing intergovernmental, interdepartmental and other agreements in the field of communications and informatization, unify legislation in the field of postal communications, as well as build a communications network infrastructure and abolish roaming on the territory of the Union State.

On April 8, Belarusian Ambassador to Russia Vladimir Semashko announced the final date for canceling mobile roaming between the two countries – January 1, 2022. He added that the trial operation of the systems launched a year earlier showed the ability of the two countries to resolve all technical difficulties, organizational problems and issues of debugging software products related to the cancellation of roaming.

Prior to that, it was reported that Belarus and Russia were unable to complete work on zeroing mobile roaming between the two countries in time due to technical and financial problems. The parties signed a roadmap to abolish roaming in the Union State at the end of 2019. It was planned that the changes will take effect no later than December 2020.

Roaming will be considered canceled when an incoming call will officially cost 0 rubles.

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