Russia becomes a pariah for years – economist on the consequences of the sanctions strike


Russia is becoming a pariah for years, – economist on the consequences of a sanctions strike

Russia will be a pariah for years – Furman/Collage 24 channels

International sanctions are hitting the Russian economy very hard. The aggressor will literally become an outcast for years.

Ukrainian economist and member of the NBU Council Vasily Furman told Channel 24 about this. According to him, the situation in Russia will literally be divided into two periodsbefore the war and after the war. The future for infidels will be very difficult, because no state has ever received such a large “portion” of sanctions.

Not everyone follows the sanctions

Of course, Russians are trying to get away : they offer to unblock Ukrainian ports in exchange for lifting sanctions, they try to bypass various restrictions. These issues should be controlled. After all, Russia should not be given a chance to circumvent sanctions.

According to Mr. Furman, a lot of work needs to be done with other countries. Because there are states that comply with the sanctions. And there are those who want to profit from it. Among them is India.

When I read that India has increased its oil imports 10 times this year… It is clear that this cannot be. In essence, this country finances the war and Russian terrorism. We need to unequivocally expand the package of sanctions. And Ukraine is working on this together with partners,” Vasily Furman emphasized.

A significant number of Ukrainian officials are busy making sure that Russia does not have the opportunity to circumvent various sanctions. In addition, they are already discussing the following restrictions, which will help to “squeeze” the aggressor even more.

Mr. Furman notes that Ukraine is now trying to convince its partners to recognize Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism. It is also imperative to introduce a complete embargo on oil and gas from Russia. Or introduce a mechanism so that a certain amount of payment for energy resources goes to funds for the restoration of Ukraine. In general, there is still a lot of work on sanctions.

Let us add that a default has formally occurred in Russia recently. For the first time in a century, they were unable to pay their external debt in foreign currency. On the evening of June 26, the grace period for paying interest to foreign creditors in the amount of $100 million ended.

Default is not recognized in Russia. They claim they have the money but are unable to make the payment due to sanctions. Therefore, we decided to transfer the funds in rubles, which the creditors were not interested in.

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