Russia began camouflaging its X-101 missiles, – Defense Express


Russia has begun camouflaging its Kh-101 missiles, – Defense Express

The Russians are trying to cover up their crimes. Consequently, they resort to inefficient “wipe-out” methods.

The Russians are trying to wash away responsibility for the shelling of Ukraine. According to the publication, the occupiers began to mask their X-101 missiles.

Why the enemy is masking the missiles

Several Defense Express sources report that the invaders they clean the serial numbers on the rocket body with a grinder so that it is impossible to identify the approximate date of manufacture.

It is worth adding that the serial number contains information about the year, quarter, batch and serial number of the rocket in the batch.

It is these data that make it possible to assess the pace and order of using these missiles. Despite this, it has already been officially confirmed that the enemy is using X-101 missiles manufactured in the last quarters of 2022.

However, Defense Express notes thatthe attempts of the invaders are in vain, because the series missiles can be identified by their debris. All internal components and assemblies of the missile have their own serial numbers, and it is quite difficult to destroy them without a complete overhaul of the missile in the factory.

Russia fired at Ukraine on January 26: what is known< /h2>

  • The Russian army has once again launched a massive missile attack on Ukraine. The invaders fired 55 missiles. Ukrainian air defense forces shot down 47 missiles. Also on January 25, our soldiers shot down more than 20 Shahids.
  • Unfortunately, the hit was recorded in the Kyiv, Vinnitsa, Odessa regions and the capital. In the Kyiv region, the invaders got into civilian infrastructure, residential and private houses. An energy facility was also damaged. In the Odessa region, the Russians hit 2 energy infrastructure facilities.
  • President of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine Oleksandr Khorunzhiy said that at least 11 people were killed due to the massive Russian attack. One death was reported in Kyiv.
  • Energy Minister Herman Galushchenko informed that the enemy shelled energy facilities in an attempt to create a systemic failure in the Ukrainian energy system On January 26, the Ukrainian energy system had already survived 13 enemy missile attacks and 15 UAV strikes on energy facilities.

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