Russia can set up serious traps for the Armed Forces of Ukraine – Musienko


Russia can arrange Serious traps for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, – Musienko

Traps for the Armed Forces of Ukraine/Illustrative photo began to evacuate people. However, experts say that the Russians can prepare sprouts for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Alexander Musienko, head of the Center for Military Legal Research, told Channel 24.

He stressed that no one doubts that civilians and our defenders should be evacuated from the besieged Mariupol.

In his opinion, the political and diplomatic scenario is finally starting to give at least some results. In particular, Ukraine manages to gradually remove civilians from Mariupol.

Perhaps we need to go further along this path … But if a breakthrough occurs and people actively talk about it, then the Russians can set up serious traps for our WMD. Therefore, this situation is difficult,” Musienko said.

The expert noted that as soon as opportunities arise, there will be appropriate weapons and resources, our Armed Forces will do everything to de-occupy Ukrainian cities.

“In fact, the Russians have driven themselves into a trap , they can no longer find a way out of the war. It will not end well for them, but they do not understand this, so they will persevere,” he added.

In his opinion, the priority now is to apply all political and diplomatic efforts in order to take our people out of Mariupol.

Can Russia hold a “parade of prisoners”? According to Musienko, no need to wait for something good from the Russian authorities. “It is clear that the Russians, unfortunately, can take such a step. It is in their style to once again violate the norms of international law and conventions,” he added.

The expert believes that the Russians will still focus on other things – trying to highlight, it would seem, the successes that already exist, for example, the temporary occupation of Kherson, Mariupol and other areas.

They will build everything as if they had already finished the “special operation”, but the forces of the West intervened, which, according to them, “pumped Ukraine with weapons.” Accordingly, Russia will say that there are threats of war with NATO, therefore, mobilization and continuation of hostilities is necessary,” Musienko said.

He assures that Russia will continue to try to provoke and look for some These are ways to test NATO's response. Perhaps, from the side of Transnistria, they will be able to shake Moldova.

Alexander Musienko on the situation in the war and the directions of the enemy’s offensive:

By the way, in Western media reports that Russia may announce a general mobilization on May 9th. That is, they assume that Putin will officially declare war on Ukraine on that day

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