Russia confirmed the death of 63 fighters in Makeevka: even propagandists say that there are more victims


The death of 63 fighters in Makiivka was confirmed in Russia: even propagandists say there are more victims

The Russian Ministry of Defense admitted that their personnel died in the city of Makiivka, Donetsk region. However, the enemies called a ridiculous number of dead, which is not true.

Even propagandists are convinced of this, always singing to Putin's tune. However, this time they criticize the situation and call for supposedly “drawing conclusions”, which looks rather silly in the background. more than 100 thousand dead invaders.

What the enemies say about Makiivka

The Russian Defense Ministry said that the Ukrainian Armed Forces allegedly “hit” six shells using the HIMARS artillery system at the temporary deployment point of one of the units of the Russian armed forces in the area of ​​the settlement of Makeyevka.

According to the Russians, two shells allegedly shot down their air defense , and four hit the invaders.

As a result of the impact of four missiles with a high-explosive warhead of a temporary deployment point, 63 Russian servicemen were killed, Shoigu said.

< p>And even the propagandists themselves do not believe in this and voice a different number of losses. Thus, Russian propagandist Vladimir Romanov wrote that as of 15:00 on January 2, allegedly only 200 dead.

The well-known propagandist and Putin fan Margarita Simonyan did not remain silent. She wrote a long text about 10 months of war, remembered the head of the Kremlin in it, praised him and fawned over. However, she acknowledged that allegedly “the situation in Makiivka should draw the toughest conclusions.”

This is how the ardent fan of Putin responded to the words of propagandist Daniil Bessonov, who noted that, apparently, the high command still does not know about the possibility of HIMARS.

Putin's henchman also began to teach the Russian leadership what they need it was better to hide personnel. They say that there are enough safe places in the Donbass, or they could be created.

However, it is obvious that the Russian authorities are deeply indifferent to their personnel, because they use them purely as “cannon fodder.” For example, those who retreat are killed by the Kadyrovites themselves.

Important!The Ukrainian authorities did not comment on the “disasters” of the Russians and the statements about HIMARS.

The “clap” in Makiivka: the main thing

  • On January 1, it became known that a “clap” was heard from the enemies in the temporarily occupied Makeevka Explosions sounded in 19 schools of the city where the occupiers were based.
  • According to local data, approximately 500-600 enemy personnel could have died. The Stratcom of the Armed Forces of Ukraine stated that as a result of “careless handling of heating devices, neglect of security measures and smoking in an unspecified place”, approximately 400 infidels were killed, and another 300 were injured.
  • Therefore, the Russians became hysterical, they complain and looking for those responsible. In particular, they said that Sergei Shoigu was an “enemy of the people” and noted that unprofessional decisions were made in Russia. Moreover, they admitted that the war in Ukraine had failed for them.
  • The propagandists reported that the Russians had arrived at School 19 in Makeyevka, where manpower and ammunition were based. Russian SIM cards. So they, they say, were calculated.

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