Russia deliberately disperses the statement about the non-recognition of the genocide in Ukraine by the UN: what should be done about it


Russia deliberately disperses the statement about the non-recognition of the genocide in Ukraine by the UN: what should be done about it

Russia is dispersing the UN thesis, in particular, in international sources, about the non-recognition of the genocide on the territory of Ukraine. This is how Russian propaganda works, amplifying narratives that are beneficial to itself and using them directly in a democratic society, where “journalists can write whatever they want.”

This opinion was expressed on Channel 24 by Nikolai Balaban, Deputy Head of the Center for Strategic Communications. He explained that the Russians are pursuing the goal, and where Ukraine and its international partners need to be “hit” in the fight against Vladimir Putin.

Calm down the audience

This is one of the main reasons why Russia disperses such statements. She is trying to reinforce her core narrative of “fighting notional fascists,” Balaban said.

“The latest news has hit the core of Russian propaganda and the way they twist their messages proves that this is the most painful place,” the speaker stressed.

Nikolai Balaban on the statements of Russian propagandists: watch the video

Ukraine needs to be beaten

Together with Western partners, Ukraine must “hit this core” and put the squeeze on all international stories with criminal prosecutions, the expert noted. But at the same time, he stressed that it would be a long and painstaking process.

“The Prosecutor General's Office is working hard to investigate and show crimes to international partners. This is a big systematic work that will last a long time: just as we defeat the Russians at the front, so on the informational, legal fronts, we see the first results,” Balaban explained.

Does the ISS recognize genocide

According to Nikolai Balaban, in order for the International Criminal Court to recognize Russia's actions as genocide, this should be a big powerful study. And it “will become a stigma for a century” for the aggressor country.

It should be a study about the genocidal process and the actions of genocide. Now the document that has been prepared and is being read is important, but it is investigating the segment of war crimes,” the expert emphasized.

UN sees no genocide in Ukraine: latest news

  • A few days ago, the head of the commission, Eric Messe, told The Guardian that they “did not find any genocide on the territory of Ukraine.” But, according to him, “there are some aspects that may raise the question” of a possible genocide. Mikhail Podolyak is not surprised by this statement of this international institution.
  • A journalist from Kazakhstan, Arman Shuraev, expressed the idea that Ukraine could initiate the creation of an organization that would be a good alternative to the UN. He noted that there was a split in the UN regarding the war in Ukraine.
  • Ukrainian diplomats are working to change the opinion of the world community and prove at the legal level that Russia's actions in Ukraine are genocide. In addition, Vladimir Vyatrovich said that the possibility of introducing such a concept as “rashism” into the legal field is being developed.

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