Russia deliberately terrorizes the civilian population: more than one settlement came under fire in a day


Russia deliberately terrorizes the civilian population: more than one settlement came under fire in a day< /p>

On January 23, Russia did not betray itself and, unable to achieve significant success at the front, attacked civilian infrastructure . The settlements of three regions suffered.

The invaders fired almost from everything they had at hand. Unfortunately, there were also casualties, according to 24 Channel.

The shelling of Sumy region

So, in the Sumy District Police Department they reported that in the region the terrorist country fired at 9 communities in a day. To do this, the invaders used:

  • mortars – 95 hits,
  • SPG – 63 hits,
  • MLRS – 36 hits,
  • machine guns – 40 bursts,
  • automatic guns – 30 rounds,

Some shelling was carried out from the territory of Russia itself.

As a result of these arrivals, the terrorist country damaged an apartment building in the Vorozhbyan community, while one of the apartments was completely destroyed. Also, three more premises and utility rooms of local residents, railway premises and tracks were also damaged and destroyed. The wreckage smashed the gas pipeline and power lines.

There were also casualties and injuries. Unfortunately, as a result of the shelling in the Esman community, one young woman was killed, three more were injured.

These are residents of the same house, members of the same homeland, where explosives were directly hit. Two babies were left without a mother, Dmitry Zhivitsky emphasized.

It was also restless in the Donbas

The invaders were also actively shelling the Donetsk region. In particular, Chasov Yar came under fire, where as a result of shelling by the Russian occupying forces, one person died and two were injured.

According to the Donetsk OVA, the Russians hit a residential area from a multiple launch rocket system. As a result, they:

  • damaged at least nine high-rise buildings,
  • cut off the electricity and gas supply networks to the microdistrict.

Practically the entire microdistrict was left without electricity and heat. The Russians deliberately terrorize and destroy the civilian population. And they will pay dearly for it,” Pavel Kirilenko stressed.

Russia also fired missiles at Kramatorsk. She hit the industrial zone and the private sector of the city, as a result of which she ended up in a residential building. However, fortunately, there were no casualties.

Kharkiv region is also under shelling

According to the head of the Kharkiv garrison, Sergei Melnik, on January 23, the invaders fired at the region from the S-300 air defense system, mortars, MLRS and artillery. As a result, there is destruction:

  • Kupyansk – 2 private houses were damaged;
  • Volchansk – 12 private houses, a local enterprise, a warehouse store, four two-story apartment buildings were damaged. Unfortunately, three civilians were injured.
  • Dvurechnaya – one private house was damaged;
  • Volchanskiye Khutor – 9 private houses, a shop, an educational institution and a cultural institution were damaged;
  • Gatishe – the energy infrastructure was damaged.

Kazachya Lopan and the village of Grigorovka were also under shelling.

Rocket attacks on Ukraine: latest news

  • On January 21, Natalia Gumenyuk announced that the enemies were ready to launch rocket attacks. They are active and carry out aerial reconnaissance.
  • The Russians also keep their weapons at sea. Thus, there are 10 Russian ships in the Mediterranean Sea, of which 5 are carriers of Caliber missiles with a total salvo of 72 units. However, Russia is unlikely to use them for rocket attacks on Ukraine, because the trajectories of the missiles must pass through NATO countries.
  • According to Russian human rights activist and opposition politician Mark Feigin, the installation of air defense by Russians on their administrative buildings in Moscow may be a signal the fact that the occupiers are planning an attack on Ukrainian decision-making centers. They want to hit Bankova, but they understand that they will receive retribution.

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