Russia demanded that YouTube block channels of Navalny's supporters

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Russia demanded that YouTube block channels of Navalny's supporters

Yesterday Roskomnadzor blocked the websites of Alexei Navalny, the Anti-Corruption Foundation (at the request of Roskomnadzor, we point out that FBK is recognized in Russia as a “foreign agent” and an “extremist organization”, and Navalny is the founder of the Fund) and other organizations associated with the opposition. Today, the agency began to demand that YouTube block the channels of Navalny's supporters.

In particular, Roskomnadzor demands that YouTube restrict the channels of Leonid Volkov, Georgy Alburov and Vladimir Milov. The request for blocking came from the Prosecutor General's Office. They believe that Volkov's channel, for example, disseminates “unreliable socially significant information under the guise of reliable messages” and “calls for riots.”

Roskomnadzor also included these channels in the “list of prohibited materials”. The YouTube team has already written to Navalny's supporters that if they don't remove the content, Google will be forced to block it.

TJ also writes that Roskomnadzor demanded to block the channel of the foundation's lawyer Vyacheslav Gimadi, who has only 10 subscribers.

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