Russia disputed Obama's words about losing superpower status

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Russia disputed Obama's words about losing superpower status

The real criterion defining a superpower is military power, and Russia fully complies with it. Military expert Viktor Murakhovsky told RIA Novosti, challenging the words of former US President Barack Obama, who stated in his memoirs that Russia had allegedly lost this status.

According to Murakhovsky, when writing the book, Obama could choose any criterion for evaluation, but in reality there is only one. “It is possible by the gross domestic product … It is possible by per capita income, or by the size of the territory. There are many criteria to call the author's taste a superpower … But in reality it is military power, of course, and the ability to crush the enemy, “the expert explained in response to the statement of the former American leader.

He stressed that at the moment there are only two superpowers in the world – Russia and the United States. It is they who have weapons that can completely destroy any other country in a short time.

At the same time, Murakhovsky agreed with Obama that Russia really lacks military bases located abroad. In his opinion, they should be restored in a number of countries in order to ensure the presence of the Russian Navy in all regions of the world, including the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. In particular, Moscow should return the bases in Vietnam and Cuba, the expert said.

Earlier in November, it was reported that Obama, in his new book, Promised Land, announced that Russia had lost its superpower status. In his opinion, this is evidenced primarily by the fact that Moscow lacks allies and military bases. Moreover, Russia remains too dependent on the export of oil, gas, minerals and weapons.

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