Russia does not have new weapons, they used everything, – political strategist


Russia has no new weapons, they used everything, – political strategist

On Independence Day, the Russians threatened Ukraine with a massive missile attack, in particular on the decision-making centers in Kyiv. However, most of the time they simply lifted their planes into the air and landed back, simulating attacks on Ukraine.

Why they did this, Channel 24said political strategist Mikhail Sheitelman. He noted that he expected this and had previously predicted that there would be no phenomenal, previously unseen strikes.

Russia has nothing to deliver a powerful missile strike

Sheitelman said that Russia simply has nothing to launch a powerful missile strike with.

“They don't have new weapons, they have already attracted everything,” the political strategist noted.

In addition, according to him, we have excellent air defense. On August 24, literally in every region that missiles flew over, they were shot down.

This was not an order from the Kremlin

Sheitelman also suggested that The actions of the Russians on the Independence Day of Ukraine were not an order from the Kremlin. Putin really solves rather small tasks, like for the president.

In particular, he redeploys military units there from one position to another. True, if it were necessary to make a decision on a strike on the center of Kyiv, Putin would have made it, – the political strategist emphasized.

But, according to Sheitelman, the decision on such strikes on the regions was made by field generals. And in fact, the commanders of aviation regiments have such powers.

“So they decided, because they are angry with us. We are great. We destroyed more than 45 thousand Russian military personnel. And they are on us, you can so to speak, they are offended,” Sheitelman summed up.

Sheitelman about Russia's lack of new weapons: watch the video

Ukraine's Independence Day 2022: Brief

  • On Independence Day, Russian aviation made about 200 sorties. But the frequency of air strikes was low.
  • Independence Day was remembered for a record number of alarms. Throughout Ukraine, sirens sounded 189 times a day.
  • According to the police, on Independence Day, the Russians shelled 58 settlements throughout Ukraine. In addition, on August 24 there was a wave of fake mines.

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