Russia does not leave attempts to undermine the grain initiative: the aggressor was exposed in the Foreign Ministry on a lie


Russia does not leave attempts to undermine the grain initiative: the aggressor was exposed in the Foreign Ministry on a lie

The grain agreement was extended for another 120 days. At the same time, Russia and Vladimir Putin continue their attempts to undermine the agreements. The Foreign Ministry called the real data on exports to African countries.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry drew attention to the statistics used by Russia to try to undermine the work of the Black Sea Grain Agreement. The fact that it is not true, said the speaker of the ministry Oleg Nikolenko, Channel 24 reports.

Russia lies cynically

Let's start with the so-called statistics, which are insisted on in Russia. Thus, Vladimir Putin assures that the aggressor country only wants the grain agreement to be implemented in full. Like, now most of the products are sent to Europe, not African countries.

According to the bloody dictator, 45% of the grain was received by European countries, and only 3% – Africa. The Foreign Ministry announced real data, refuting Putin's statement.

Oleg Nikolenko noted that since August 1, 2022, our state has exported 25.1 million tons of agricultural products through the grain corridor. It was sent to 45 countries of the world. If we talk about the section, then it is as follows:

  • Africa – 2.9 million tons (11.6%)
  • Asia – 12.1 million tons (48.2%)
  • Europe – 10.1 million tons (40.2%)

The speaker of the department stressed that part of the grain purchased by Europe is sent to the countries of Africa and Asia. Thus, there is a humanitarian re-export. And this, Nikolenko assures, is nothing new for Russia.

Therefore, the real statistics of exports to the African continent is even higher than 11.6%. Not to mention the fact that almost 50% of the production goes to support Asian countries, he stressed.

Oleg Nikolenko noted that the Black Sea Grain Initiative has proved its effectiveness. It helped to stabilize world food prices. In addition, thanks to the grain corridor, millions of people around the world have been saved from malnutrition and hunger.

The international community, primarily the countries of Africa and Asia, must not allow Moscow to use food as a weapon, he stressed.

  • At the same time, the representative of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry added that our state will continue to faithfully adhere to its obligations. After all, it is one of the guarantors of global food security.
  • Recall that the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Oleksandr Kubrakov noted that the agreement on the grain initiative was extended for another 120 days.
  • Interestingly, Russia already denies this. Like, the agreement was extended by only 60 days. Maria Zakharova, the speaker of no one in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, insisted on this.

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