Russia does not need them: how the inhabitants of Donbass became consumables for Putin


Russia doesn't need them: how Donbas residents became consumables for Putin

The wives of captured militants of the quasi-republic in the Luhansk region turned to Putin. They complained that prisoners from pseudo-republics are not being replaced.

Everyone forgot about them and threw them into captivity, where they ended up at the beginning of the war. Russia does not need them.

Why there is no exchange

It would be easy and fast to exchange prisoners. After all, the Russian Federation has many Ukrainian soldiers in captivity, and Ukraine is ready for an exchange. But it is more important for Putin to mock Ukrainian prisoners than to save his own.

Therefore, the Russians would rather arrange a staged trial of Azov than pull out those who fought for Russia.

A demonstrative story

Everyone who goes to fight for the quasi-republics should know that in case of captivity, no one will help them out. Kadyrovtsev would be exchanged. And the inhabitants of Donbass are consumables. Russia does not care about them, they are used and abandoned.

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