Russia has already realized that it will not work to talk to Ukraine with an ultimatum, Podolyak on the negotiations


Russia has already realized that it will not work to have an ultimatum with Ukraine, Podolyak about the negotiations

Podolyak commented on the negotiations with Russia/collage of Channel 24

The Office of the President stated that Russia has already realized that it will not be able to hold peace negotiations with Ukraine with an ultimatum. Terrible statements are made by Russian politicians for internal needs, in order to show their “strength”.

Debates on security guarantees continue between Ukraine and Russia

Advisor to the Head of the Office of the President Mykhailo Podolyak said this on the air of the Rada channel, Channel 24 reports. He commented on the statement of Russian presidential aide Vladimir Medinsky, who said that several “long conversations” had taken place between the Russian Federation and Ukraine as part of the negotiation process.

Podolyak said that debates continue between Ukraine and Russia on security guarantees. As Andriy Yermak's adviser said, this issue is being raised both at the level of subgroups and at the level of the negotiating group in an online format.

He claims that Russia already understands that it is impossible to speak with Ukraine as an ultimatum.

I think that Russia has long understood that it is basically impossible to talk to Ukraine with an ultimatum. – said Podolyak.

In Ukraine, the Russians will receive only situational defeats, – Podolyak

The adviser to the head of the Presidential Office noted that Ukraine is the only country that Russia was strictly forbidden to attack. He suggested that Russia might be able to get some situational successes if they attacked another country.

As for Ukraine, here, according to Podolyak, Russia will receive only situational defeats. According to him, Russia should leave ultimatum formats in the past.

He stressed that Russian ultimatums are aimed at internal propaganda. Podolyak added that Ukraine had proved during the 58 days of the war that ultimatums would not work.

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