Russia has created a complex to protect boats from precision weapons

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KUBINKA / Moscow region /, August 24. / TASS /. The newest small-sized complex for protecting boats from high-precision weapons was created by Novosibirsk scientists at the Institute of Applied Physics. The development of JSC “IPF” was presented for the first time at the International military-technical forum “Army-2021”.

“A small-sized complex of fired jamming (MGK VP KT-60) is designed to protect boats from melee weapons and high-precision weapons with guidance systems operating in the infrared, visible and laser wavelength ranges,” the TASS correspondent was told at the stand of JSC IPF. demonstrating the launch module with the latest anti-jamming grenades.

“The complex can protect from high-precision weapons not only the boats of the fleet, but also lightly armored vehicles,” – explained the representative of the institute.

One fired grenade creates a curtain of 100 square meters at a distance of 70 to 100 meters from the protected object. The setting of the protective curtain can be carried out both in single and salvo modes of firing grenades.

The jamming equipment of the grenade provides the generated cloud of jamming increased hovering time over the object.

According to the representative of the institute, the tests of the complex were successfully carried out by the Black Sea Fleet. Equipping surface ships with the development of Novosibirsk physicists can, in particular, ensure their protection from small-sized aircraft weapons with laser guidance systems launched from unmanned aerial vehicles.

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