Russia has every chance to survive without Putin if it “squeezes” him out of itself, – political scientist


Russia has every chance of surviving without Putin if it

The further the war goes, the more the loss in Russia becomes clear. What will happen to this territory after the loss is still unknown, but Russia has a chance to survive, though without Vladimir Putin and his ilk.

A political scientist told Channel 24 about this Valentin Gladkikh. According to him, there are indeed people in Russia who like the Putin regime, because they get a significant benefit from it for themselves. At the same time, for the majority of the population, the fall of the terrorist regime may open up new opportunities.

Does Russia have a future

Speaking about the future of Russia, the political scientist stressed that the current criminal government is trying to connect their future with the future of all of Russia and its population, but this is not so.

“They want to demonstrate that their future, the future of Russia and the Russian “people” are inextricably linked, but in reality this is far from being the case. Russia was before Putin, Russia is with Putin and has every chance of being after Putin, provided that Putin is eradicated out of myself,” Gladkikh said.

New opportunities for the peoples of Russia

Valentin Gladkikh is convinced that getting rid of the Russian terrorist regime will allow the peoples under Moscow's control to get out of the “prison of peoples” and build their own nation-states that will work in the interests of citizens, and not ruling elites.

Valentin Gladkikh tells how the Russians will be responsible for the war: watch the video

At the same time, the ruling elite is now trying to equate their future with the future of the entire population, as Margarita Simonyan did, who said that all Russians will be in the dock for the war.

“Putin's current ruling elite is wonderful understands, and therefore tries to tie his future to the future of ordinary Russians, as Simonyan said: if we all lose, then we will all end up in the dock of the tribunal,” said Valentin Gladkikh.

Who will be responsible for the war< /h3>

According to the political scientist, not all Russians, but only those involved in this, will be held accountable for instigating the war. Simonyan will certainly end up with many others who kindled this war, those who unleashed this war and those who committed war crimes and crimes against humanity. All the rest who live in this territory, they will also be responsible, but to the extent of their involvement and their guilt, the political scientist said.

Most of today's Russians who are not involved in war crimes will be financially responsible, but not directly, but indirectly, through the state budget of post-Russian state entities.

For most Russians, if they live in a village or somewhere in a yurt, without a toilet, sewerage, gas, electricity and the Internet, I don’t think that the defeat of Putin’s rashist regime in this war will entail any deterioration in the life of the inhabitants of villages and yurts,” Gladkikh said.< /p>

According to the political scientist, the defeat of Russia in the war, on the contrary, will open up new prospects and opportunities for them to create something in tune with the current achievements of civilization.

How Russia fails

  • The decision to launch a full-scale invasion was suicidal for Moscow. The unwillingness to admit their own mistakes leads to the fact that Russia suffers more and more economic and military defeats. Sanctions destroy the economy, and the Soviet approach to warfare destroys the entire military potential of the terrorist country.
  • According to Russian opposition politician Dmitry Gudkov, Russia is preparing for a protracted war, rebuilding the economy on a war footing and counting on less intensity fighting in order to gain a foothold in the captured cities.
  • In Moscow, they began to install air defense systems on the roofs of buildings. Russian political scientist Ababs Gallyamov believes that this is the real fear of the Kremlin, and not elements of propaganda.

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