Russia has found a more convenient place to launch Iranian drones in Kyiv, – British intelligence


Russia has found a more convenient place to launch Iranian drones on Kyiv, - British intelligence

Russian invaders continue to launch Iranian kamikaze drones into Ukraine. On February 27, our air defense destroyed 11 enemy Shaheeds.

Probably, the drones were launched from the Bryansk region. This was reported by British intelligence.

Russia has found a more convenient place to launch Shahids

In Ukraine's latest drone attack, there were no reports of the use of an OWA UAV in Ukraine. Thus, the slowdown in the rate of OWA drone strikes likely indicates that Russia has exhausted its current stockpile.

She will probably be looking for resupply, the scouts noted.

Due to the attack vector, the Shahid UAVs were most likely launched from the Bryansk region. Previously, the only launch point observed since mid-December 2022 was from the Krasnodar Territory across the Sea of Azov.

“The second launch site will give the Russians a different direction of attack closer to Kyiv. This will likely reduce the time they spend in the air over Ukraine and try to further stretch Ukrainian air defense,” British intelligence added.

Invaders attack Ukraine with kamikaze drones

  • On the evening of February 28, Russia launched Iranian Shaheeds in Ukraine. An air alert was announced in Kyiv and a number of regions, and explosions were heard in Kremenchug.
  • As it became known, at night our air defense forces destroyed 4 UAVs of the “Shahed” type.
  • Also on the night of February 27, Russian invaders attacked Ukraine with Shahed-136 Iranian kamikaze drones. They changed the launch site.
  • Yuri Ignat said that during the flight, Shahed-136s are actively maneuvering in order to bypass the air defense affected areas. Unfortunately, the invaders sometimes have information about the approximate location of Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile systems.
  • According to Ignat, the occupiers did not launch Shahids from the eastern coast of the Sea of Azov. This time, the enemy drones flew away from the territory of the Bryansk region of Russia. The closer the launch site is to the target, the fewer obstacles on the way the Shahids have.

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