Russia has no way to stop the flow of gas – press secretary of the Minister of Energy


Russia has no way to stop the flow of gas, Energy Minister Spokesperson

Zerkal spoke about Russia's gas bluff/Ukraine30

Russia is trying to make a warning strike on gas. She understands that Europe has the leverage it needs to impose restrictions on settlements.

Europe can create a special account and concentrate money there. Lana Zerkal, spokesperson for the Minister of Energy of Ukraine, said this in an exclusive interview with Olena Tribushna on Channel 24.

The interruption of gas can only be temporary

According to her According to her words, in order to preempt such a possibility, Russia “went on the attack” with a calculation in rubles.

The Russians have no way to stop the flow of gas, Zerkal emphasized.

She explained that in order to do this, they need to shut down their wells and stop producing gas. Even if Russia manages to interrupt supplies to Europe, it will be a very temporary interruption.

Gas must either be burned or delivered

It will be connected with filling their underground storage facilities. As soon as they overflow, the Russians will need a crazy amount of gas:

  • or burn;
  • or supply – there is no other way.

“Gas is constantly produced and must be constantly transported somewhere. If you do not have volumes in underground storage, you must transport it through a pipe,” Zerkal said.

Note! You can watch the full interview with Lana Zerkal on YouTube channel 24 on March 31 at 12:00.

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