Russia is building up aviation forces at the Lipetsk-2 airfield, – Schemes


Russia builds up aviation forces at the airfield "Lipetsk-2", – "Schemes"

Russia builds up aviation forces at the Lipetsk-2 airfield/Illustrative photo from social networks of their forces and preparations for the continuation of the war. The enemy is preparing to deliver new strikes on the ground and from the air.

An increase in aircraft has been recorded at the Lipetsk-2 airfield. This airfield is actively used by Russia for the war with Ukraine.

Building up air forces

As satellite images show, in March at the Lipetsk- 2″ was half as many fighters and bombers as it is now. At the moment, the shooting has recorded more than 30 aircraft.

The Russians are attacking eastern Ukrainian cities from the Lipetsk-2 airfield. Experts spotted 6 heavy, highly maneuverable Su-27 fighters, 14 Su-30 and Su-34 fighter-bombers, and 10 Su-24 bombers. A few more boards could not be identified.

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