Russia is “covered” Israel from the “death threats” in Syria

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Россия «прикрыла» Израиль от «смертельной угрозы» в Сирии

Accommodation in Syria, Iranian complexes Khordad 3, which in its capabilities comparable with the Russian system “Beech”, is a “mortal threat” to Israeli fighters, writes Breaking Defense.

“As soon as Israel ramps up airstrikes on Iranian forces and their proxies in Syria, where [during a recent strike] at least five people were killed, Israeli sources increasingly fear that Iran will deploy its anti-aircraft system Khordad in Syria”, — writes the edition.

Breaking Defense noted that Israel has asked Russia to resolve the issue with Iran, but Moscow instead of a direct solve with Tehran in the latest incident, decided to use his own fighter for “cover” from the air by Israeli aircraft, causing air strikes on Pro-Iranian forces in Damascus.

According to the publication, Iranian Khordad-3, in June of 2019 shot down over the Strait of Hormuz the us drone RQ-4A Global Hawk, which was commissioned in 2010 and is able to simultaneously hit four targets at ranges up to 200 kilometers.

In July 2019 The Drive wrote that shot down a month earlier, Iran American strategic reconnaissance UAV was the RQ-4A Broad Area Maritime Surveillance-Demonstrator (BAMS-D) — experimental demonstrator, which worked out a technology perspective flying drone MQ-4C Triton.

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