Russia is deploying the 3rd Army Corps to the front: the analyst named the likely deployment areas


Russia is deploying 3rd Army Corps to the front: Analyst Names Probable Deployment Zones< /p>

occupiers began to transfer the 3rd Army Corps to Ukraine. It was formed only recently – specifically to participate in the Russian war against Ukraine.

The new corps is provided with more modern weapons

It is known that they are already transferring equipment, among which, oddly enough, there are more modern models than the invaders are used to using. Konstantin Mashovets, coordinator of the Information Resistance monitoring group, told channel 24 about this.

According to him, it is one thing when Russian formations go into battle on tanks like T-62 or BMP -1, that is, on the equipment of the middle of the last century, and it is completely different when they are armed with more or less modern weapons. Of course, the second option poses more of a threat to us.

However, it is not iron that fights, not the weapon itself, but the people who use it. That is, here we should talk about the level of training, the possession of modern models of weapons of military equipment by the personnel of this corps,” the analyst emphasized. : “played chess” near her or completed a full training course.

What areas can the 3rd Army Corps be deployed to?

According to the information resistance monitoring group, 2 operational zones are most likely, where the newly created corps can be deployed. We are talking about the Kherson direction – to the Russian grouping of troops “South” or the Zaporozhye direction – the Russian grouping of forces, which is called “Zaporozhye”.

In addition , there is a possibility that the 3rd Army Corps will remain in Donbas, because recently the occupying troops have not had significant successes. According to Mashovets, for example, in the Kramatorsk direction, the average daily rate of advance of Russian troops is hundreds of meters.

“This can state the failure of their offensive active operations, including in the Avdiivka area. They have already announced 7 times the capture Peskov, but part of the village is still controlled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” he explained.

Therefore, it is quite possible that the Russian military command may decide to use the 3rd Army Corps in precisely these areas. Moreover, this coincides with the declared goals of the war – reaching the administrative borders of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

How these forces can affect the situation in the Kherson region

As you know, in the Kherson region, due to damage to the bridges that the Russians used to provide their troops on the right bank of the Dnieper, they had serious problems with the supply of necessary things to the units.

Several ways to ensure the supply of logistical items The Russian command still has supplies for these troops. But they do not allow one to seriously assume that the 3rd Army Corps will be transferred precisely to the Kherson-Berislav bridgehead, that is, to the right bank.

the Russian command is well aware of the adventurism of the accumulation of troops there due to the same factor – the complication of logistics, – Mashovets believes.

He added that it was precisely because of the complicated logistics that the 5th and 35th armies – the most powerful armies of the eastern military district of Russia remained on the left bank of the Dnieper after the regrouping of troops from the Donetsk direction to the southern operational zone, which took place several weeks ago. Only their separate battalion tactical groups appeared on the right bank.

“Therefore, I do not think that the 3rd Army Corps, as a strategic reserve component of the Russian military command, will climb into this bridgehead. It will most likely remain on the left or in general, will be included in the Zaporozhye grouping,” the analyst summed up.

Recall that, according to the American Institute for the Study of War, units of the 3rd Army Corps want to be involved in offensive operations, hoping to resume their pace. These military men are training on more modern Russian equipment – BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles, T-90m and T-80BVM tanks, and also use new versions of AK-12 assault rifles.

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