Russia is fabricating evidence of a terrorist attack in Yelenovka: US intelligence told the details


Russia is fabricating evidence of the terrorist attack in Yelenovka: US intelligence told the details

Russia is massively fabricating evidence of the terrorist attack in Olenovka/Channel 24 collage

< strong _ngcontent-sc85="">Russia is working on fabricating evidence of a strike on the Yelenovka colony where Ukrainian POWs were killed. The Kremlin is trying to shift the responsibility to Ukraine.


Russians can plant ammunition from HIMARS

US officials believe that Russia is working to fabricate evidence of the Olenovka attack. Representatives of American intelligence have established that Russia is trying to plant false evidence to show Ukraine's “involvement” in the terrorist attack in the Olenevskaya colony.

This was told to reporters on condition of anonymity by a US official familiar with the intelligence conclusion. He said that classified intelligence data, which has been downgraded, shows that the Russians can even plant ammunition from rocket-artillery systems (HIMARS).

Thus, the Russians want to demonstrate Ukraine's “involvement” in the attack.

The official added that Russia is likely to take such a step, as it expects independent investigators and journalists to eventually gain access to Yelenovka.

The terrorist attack in Olenivka: what is known

  • On the night of July 30, the Russians attacked the colony in Olenivka, where the invaders were holding Ukrainian prisoners of war from Azovstal. Russian media reported the death of more than 40 Ukrainian prisoners.
  • According to the Office of the Prosecutor General, about 40 people were killed and another 130 were injured as a result of the terrorist attack. At the same time, the Associated Press writes about 53 dead.
  • The list of the dead was published by the Russian media. But Ukrainian intelligence stressed that the list of the dead and wounded in Olenivka, provided by Russia, may be inaccurate.
  • The Wagner mercenaries were responsible for the terrorist attack in Olenivka. Intelligence also reported that the terrorist attack in the colony was not an accident, because on August 1 a commission was supposed to come to Olenevka to check the conditions of detention of prisoners of war.
  • According to preliminary conclusions of experts, the Russians used thermobaric weapons during the terrorist attack in Yelenovka . So far, Russia does not allow international organizations to the site of the attack.

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