Russia is nervous about the threat of Putin's arrest in Armenia: what steps can be taken


Russia is nervous about the threat of Putin's arrest in Armenia: what steps can be taken

Armenia has stated that Vladimir Putin should be arrested if he arrives in Armenia. Until recently, the country had different positions on the Rome Statute of the ICC.

Now there is a joint solution, and this is no coincidence. Political scientist Taras Zagorodny told Channel 24 about this.

The Russians are very nervous about this. According to the political scientist, they understand: if Armenia, which is very dependent on Russia in many areas, actually ignores it, builds relations with the United States and even tries to reconcile with its neighbors, then what about other countries? For example, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and even Belarus.

These are signs of the final erosion and destruction of any influence on the territory of the CIS. That is why they are so nervous, – says Zagorodny.

There is an interesting detail: Nikol Pashinyan is still the CSTO Secretary, Armenia has not yet left the organization. “Now the question is: how will Putin be on the territory of Armenia as the head of state? It looks ridiculous, but quite indicative,” the political scientist stressed.

Zagorodny on Armenia's decisions: watch the video

What can the Russians resort to

As Zagorodniy notes, it is a quite probable and forceful scenario. On the territory of Armenia there is a Russian base located in Gyumri.

“They have long wanted to demolish Pashinyan. The last attempt was after the Karabakh war, when Azerbaijan knocked Armenia out of 6 of its occupied regions. Nagorno-Karabakh is an enclave, there is no common border with Armenia. They tried to organize protests against Pashinyan. However, he stayed in power and even won re-elections,” the political scientist noted.

The Russians could not do anything with him, so such statements are pretty annoying to them. Armenia, emphasizes Zagorodny, is a small country with a population of 3 million people. “I think they can organize something like a coup or an assassination attempt on Pashinyan. They can do it,” political scientist Taras Zagorodny assures.

Signal for Putin

  • Armenia has ratified the Rome Charter. Therefore, if Vladimir Putin arrives in the country, he must be detained and brought to court.
  • It should be noted that relations between Yerevan and Moscow have been very tense lately. Armenia is gradually “drifting” from the Russian sphere of influence to Europe. The citizens of the state mostly believe that Russia betrayed them by not supporting and not fulfilling its obligations in the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan in Nagorno-Karabakh.
  • Political scientist Igor Reiterovich believes that the decision may be a signal from the Armenian authorities to the Russian dictator. Thus, Armenia could deliberately ratify the Rome Statute in order to make it impossible for the head of the Kremlin to visit. For more details, read the article.

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