Russia is not here: the diplomat predicted how strong the agreement between Serbia and Kosovo would be



Serbia and Kosovo have reached an agreement on the mutual recognition of citizens' personal documents. Considering who became the guarantor of this agreement, it is likely that it will be long-term.

About this Channel 24said the Ambassador of Ukraine to Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina Oleksandr Levchenko. He stressed that Russia was not there at all.

“Russia is not here”

Levchenko noted that the guarantor of the agreement between Serbia and Kosovo on The identity cards are the European Union and the United States of America. There cannot be more powerful players on the European continent.

Here the guarantors are serious, so it will be long-term, so this agreement is serious. And, in fact, Russia is not here,” he stressed.

Although, according to the diplomat, Russia was fanning nationalism, stating through its supporters in Belgrade that Kosovo wants to mock Serbia again.

< p>Levchenko predicted how strong the agreement between Serbia and Kosovo would be: watch the video

“Russia still has a serious lobby in Belgrade”

Levchenko recalled that in a similar situation last year, the Russian ambassador even came to the administrative border along with the military attache. There he provoked and called on the Kosovo Serbs not to stop, to fight to the last.

They explained to him that these things are the internal affairs of Serbia, not Russia, the ambassador said.


He noticed that Russia was pushed back to the rear, but this does not mean at all that it will not come up with some kind of provocation again. The Russians have very high ratings and support in Belgrade.

Russia has a very serious political lobby in Belgrade,” Levchenko said.

And this pro-Russian lobby, he added, will get very serious positions in the new government of Serbia, in particular, in the security sector. Therefore, it should not be ruled out that some aggravation may occur in another direction.

The conflict between Serbia and Kosovo: what is known

  • Tension between Serbia and Kosovo arose at the end of July. Kosovo has announced that it will ban entry into its territory with Serbian documents, will not recognize car numbers.
  • In the evening of July 31, a siren sounded on the border of Serbia and the partially recognized country of Kosovo and the sounds of gunshots were heard. After a tense night of negotiations, the decision that provoked the escalation was postponed for a month.
  • On August 27, it became known that Serbia and Kosovo had resolved their differences over entry documents. The decision was welcomed in the European Union, as it will help avoid the escalation of the conflict.

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