Russia is preparing for revenge – Zelensky in Davos called the plans of the Kremlin and the bloody dictator


Russia is preparing for revenge, – Zelensky in Davos called the plans of the Kremlin and the bloody dictator

Vladimir Zelensky spoke on January 18 at the forum in Davos. In his speech, the head of state stressed that Russia is preparing for revenge.

In his speech and answers to questions after it, the head of state noted that Ukraine continues to fight Russian aggression. And although the enemy daily suffers frantic losses, he is not going to stop. Moreover, he is preparing for revenge.

Ukraine must end the war

The President noted that fierce battles continue every day in the East. Our warriors – both living and fallen – showed courage. They resist the enemy, defending their native lands.

It is very important that we are strong not only in the East of our state, where it is really hot right now, we are strong within our state and are united. We are mobilized because we are defending our own, we did not start this war, but we must end it,” he stressed.

If we talk about the situation in the North and South, then it is controlled. Thus, the liberation of territories has slowed down somewhat. And there are a number of objective reasons for this. And that is why Zelensky once again stressed that Ukraine needs ammunition. A weapon that will allow you to defeat the enemy in the battlefield.

He also added that our state needs financial support. At the same time, he expressed gratitude to all states and the EU. To those who supported the Ukrainian economy and continue to do so.

Russia is preparing for revenge

We see that Russia is trying to go forward, strengthen and prepare for revenge . We believe that they will not succeed, because they are fighting not only against Ukraine, but also against a civilized approach to life,” Zelensky stressed.

Ukraine needs quick solutions

The head of state recalled that now we are witnessing a crisis of time. Therefore, to calls for decisive, effective and common action, it is worth to add also a call for speed. We are talking about the speed of decision-making, the reaction of the civilized world.

“Tragedies are ahead of life. Tyranny is ahead of democracy. It took Russia less than one second to start a war. It took the world days to impose the first sanctions for this. The time that the free world spends thinking, the terrorist state spends killing,” he stressed.

Vladimir Zelensky noted thatquick decisions gave a positive result. We are talking about the opening of borders for Ukrainians by Europe, the grain agreement, as well as energy unity. This made it possible to save not only Ukrainians, but also millions of people around the world.

The mobilization of the world must outstrip the mobilization of Russia

According to the head of state, the world must mobilize faster than Russia does. The same applies to the transfer of air defense to Ukraine. Our state must receive the systems before the enemy launches another missile strike. This applies to Western tanks, which should get ahead of the Russian ones.

“The restoration of security and peace in Ukraine should get ahead of Russia's attack on the security and peace of other countries. The war crimes tribunal should prevent new ones,” he added.< /p>

NATO is the best guarantor of security

As far as NATO is concerned, we certainly understand that guaranteeing security is one of our priorities. For example, if we talk about our Peace Formula, one of these ten priorities is that we understand that we are not yet in NATO,” he noted.

According to the head of state, Russia also understands this. Moreover, the Kremlin is doing everything possible to ensure that we do not fall into the Alliance. At the same time, he stressed that NATO is “the best security guarantee for Ukraine.” And while our state is not a member, it offers its own security guarantees. And, Zelensky is sure, they should be supported by the civilized world.

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