Russia is preparing for the fact that there will be “cotton” in Moscow, – Zhdanov explained what this indicates


Russia is preparing for the fact that there will be

The day before, air defense began to be installed in Moscow and around the city. We are talking about installations S-300, S-400, “Tor”, “Buk” and others.

This indicates two things. Military expert Oleg Zhdanov said this in a stream on his YouTube. 24 Channel.

“First: Russia is preparing for the fact that a “pop” may begin in Moscow. Second: there is obviously no stationary air defense in Russia at all. Or the Russians are so unsure of it that they are ready to place the entire set of air defense systems of the Russian armed forces in Moscow “, – says the military expert.

It is worth remembering the “Shells” that were raised on the roofs of administrative buildings. And today, Zhdanov emphasizes, entire divisions are deployed in Moscow and its environs.

The adventure has already begun

As the military expert noted, unknown people broke cable television in Moscow and began broadcasting air raid signals with an appeal to go to the nearest shelter. Muscovites began to create an interactive map of bomb shelters.

True, all of them are locked, but people began to learn routes. I recommend you start packing your emergency bags. We already went through this in February 2022,” Zhdanov stressed.

Recently, three drones flew over the military unit of the aerospace forces in New Moscow. It is deployed in the middle of the field and “provides air and missile defense of the capital.” According to RosSMI, drones were monitoring the unit. The drones were flying at an altitude of 200 meters, descended, circled and flew away.

They filmed everything, possibly photographed. Given the height, everything was filmed in detail,” says the military expert.

The quadrocopters were picked up from the forest belt next to the object. Law enforcement officers examined the area, but did not find traces of the drone operator.

It is alarming that the Russian military for some reason did not open fire on these drones. The military unit has been deployed and is operating in combat mode,” Zhdanov noted.

According to him, this may be a staged performance to intimidate its own population. The incident was immediately publicized by Russian propaganda media.

“And again, the question is: there was nothing to bring down? You can’t do anything with the dons? Then why are you standing there? .

Russia is preparing for the “cotton” / air defense is everywhere: watch the video

No panic

  • In Russian Tuapse, nothing is happening at all and there is not a single panic. The Pantsir air defense system was simply delivered to the city and installed in the port. Probably, the Russians are preparing for the “hot” beach season.
  • On the night of February 28, the occupiers said that the local oil depot was attacked by 2 drones. By tradition, the Russians saw this as a “Ukrainian trace.”
  • By the way, a year earlier, the enemy spoke of allegedly complete control over the Ukrainian sky, and now he does not quite control his own.

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