Russia is preparing the information field for the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: how the population reacts


Russia is preparing the information field for the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: how the population reacts

The Russian authorities are spreading the opinion that the enemy, that is, Ukraine, is close, so mobilization is inevitable. The Russians themselves are not in a hurry to sign up for military registration and enlistment offices, as was the case at the beginning of a full-scale invasion.

This was told to Channel 24 by Ivan Stupak, an ex-employee of the SBU, an expert at the Ukrainian Institute of the Future. According to him, calls that the Russian population should expect danger from Ukrainians is evidence of a kind of buildup of the people.

What intimidates the Russians

Ivan Stupak is convinced that Russia wants to convey to its citizens that the enemy is already very close, so you need to stand up in defense of your state.

In his opinion, this is a kind of motivation for men to sign up for regular troops or Wagner.

“By the way, there is a newly created PMC “Convoy” there – such a blatant name,” he explained.

Stupak stressed that Ukraine likes to watch the absurdity that is happening in Russia.

The Ukrainians have a new “favorite” – this is Prigozhin. That is, in the morning they watch Strelkov, in the evening they watch Prigozhin – who will tell what, – he noted.

The ex-SBU officer explained that, of course, the Russians cannot do without disinformation, so you need to be able to read between the lines.

Ivan Stupak told why the Russians panic: watch the video

Ukrainians command respect

According to him, even Yevgeny Prigozhin understands that Russians do not always call a spade a spade.

It should be noted that the founder of the Wagner PPK lives in a criminal environment where only force is recognized.

Notice how he addresses Zelensky: “Vladimir Sanych!” That is, he treats with respect. When the Ukrainian army, the Ukrainian army and the president showed their teeth, this category of people expresses their respect,” he said.

Stupak noted that this testifies to many things.

Second wave of mobilization

The former SBU officer said that the Russians are preparing for the second wave of mobilization, but they are already taking into account previous mistakes. For example, restrictions on leaving for men of military age will be established.

“But once again we remember how the first wave of mobilization was – it was very difficult for them, at the bar of 200 thousand, something broke there,” he joked.

According to him, after this figure, the number of mobilized people was first 360,000, then 320,000.

I think that the second wave will be much more difficult in terms of recruitment, and it will be even more difficult in terms of provision, he is convinced.

In his opinion, the second wave of mobilization will look with envy at the wave that was in September-October, when the Russians made knee pads from Coca-Cola bottles and dyed them black.

Partial mobilization in Russia: latest news

  • According to the latest Ukrainian intelligence, the Kremlin mobilizes about 20,000 Russians every month. At the same time, huge losses on the battlefield testify that “the army is not effective, not provided, properly trained.”
  • In addition, since the beginning of March 2023, payments to the occupiers have been delayed or not paid at all in 52 regions of Russia. Contractors, mobilized and volunteers complain that instead of the promised 195 thousand rubles a month, the accounts receive several times less than the amount.
  • Since Russia is suffering crazy losses on the battlefield, it is necessary to restore resources. Yes, the invaders are planning to attract another 400,000 contractors. And although there is no decent supply of the army, the Russians will still be thrown to the front.

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