Russia is recruiting the population in Transnistria: what provocations are resorted to by enemy intelligence services


Russia is recruiting the population in Transnistria: what provocations are resorted to by the enemy special services

Russia is trying to recruit people in Transnistria into its army. To do this, enemy intelligence services often resort to various provocations.

ThisChannel 24 was told by a journalist from Moldova, Vladimir Tkhorik. Earlier it was reported that Moldova is tightening security measures at the border.

Provocations by enemy special services

Thorik noted that the enemy intelligence services resorted to provocations in order to mobilize the population. Recently, a group of Ukrainian saboteurs was allegedly detained there, who allegedly wanted to kill the so-called president of Transnistria. Although there is no point in this.

Earlier, the building of special services in Transnistria was fired from a grenade launcher. According to the journalist's investigation, traces of this “terror” lead to the FSB. In general, Transnistria is supervised from Russia with the FSB. These are the provocations used by the Russians to intimidate the population and drag them into their army.

We were investigating, and I tried to enlist in the Russian army, which is located in Transnistria, and they were ready to accept me for a salary of 600 dollars a month. People said that in 2022, at the height of the war in Ukraine, they recruited people from advertisements pasted on poles,” a journalist from Moldova noted. population: watch the video

Recruitment of the rest of Moldovans

In addition, the Russians tried to recruit Moldovan citizens from the territory controlled by Chisinau into their army. Mostly those who have a Russian passport. In general, there are actually three armies on the territory of Pridnestrovie – the “Army of Pridnestrovie”, Russian “peacekeepers” and the Russian regular army.

It is interesting that the President of Pridnestrovie also has Ukrainian citizenship, like other bandits from this occupied territory. Thanks to them, they can travel to Europe, even start a business.

News from Moldova: latest developments

  • Moldova will leave the CIS Inter-Parliamentary Assembly . This should be the first step for Chisinau to move away from Moscow.
  • Moldovan President Maia Sandu said that the country will comply with the decision of the International Criminal Court and arrest Putin if he comes to the country. She noted that Moldova respects the decision of the court.
  • On the evening of May 15, sirens went off in Pridnestrovie. Local authorities reported that there was a malfunction.

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