Russia is returning to the “Iron Curtain” again – British intelligence called the signs

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Russia is returning to the

In Russia, restrictions on foreign travel for public sector workers may be further tightened.

Russia is imposing increasingly stringent travel restrictions for government employees, reminiscent of a Soviet-era ban. Since the start of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Russian civil servants and workers have been subject to increasingly stringent restrictions on traveling abroad. Some officials were probably deprived of their passports by the FSB.

This is stated in the daily report of the British Ministry of Defense.

Employees of the central authorities are also facing ever more severe restrictions. In particular, Kremlin officials are banned from all foreign vacation trips. Similar events have been taking place since Soviet times. And travel restrictions were tightened after the Russian occupation of Crimea in 2014.

“It is likely that such steps are aimed at preventing the flight or defection of officials who are increasingly dissatisfied. It is quite realistic that as the isolation of the Russian Federation from the world increases, travel restrictions will be tightened for more public sector workers,” the statement says. message.

Recall that Russian officials and employees of state companies began to take away passports so that they could not leave the country. Documents for traveling abroad are offered to be handed over “for safekeeping” to the FSB or a special department at the place of work.

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