Russia is trying to draw us into “Minsk-3”, – the expert explained what this is fraught with for Ukraine


Russia is trying to drag us into Minsk-3, – the expert explained what this is fraught with for Ukraine

Oleg Zhdanov/Photo from open sources

Russia stated that Belarus should become a security guarantor for Ukraine. Thus, they want to draw Ukraine into “Minsk-3”, and this may negatively affect the course of the war. .

According to him, the Kremlin is trying to involve us in Minsk-3, because it sees this as a way to save itself in this situation.

And our main task is to ignore this and put forward our demands in the negotiation process, achieve their fulfillment and continue to do everything consistently: we said the demand – they fulfilled, – said the military expert.

Zhdanov convinces that only in such a context can we move towards a peace agreement between Ukraine and Russia. “Although I have no idea what a peace agreement can be after what the Russian Federation has done on the territory of our country,” Zhdanov added.

Also, according to the military expert, there is a possibility that Russia will not launch a second wave of offensive in the Donbas if they realize the threat of losing the combat capability of part of the army.

But it poses a threat to us. If they drag us into the negotiation process, we can stay in the positions where the active phase of hostilities stops. The main thing is to prevent this, Oleg Zhdanov is sure.

The military expert believes that we should not proceed to negotiations without a military defeat on the battlefield and without the liberation of our territories by military means or by demanding that the Russian Federation withdraw all troops, otherwise we are losing.

By the way, Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov admitted in an interview with SkyNews that Russia suffered “significant losses” during the war, and then said that the war would end in the coming days. Publicist Andrei Piontkovsky says that all these statements show that Russia is now even more interested in negotiations than Ukraine.

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