Russia loses at least 1,500 troops daily, mostly in Bakhmut – NATO official


Russia loses at least 1,500 troops daily, mostly in Bakhmut - NATO official

Ukrainian defenders continue to destroy the Russian invaders, in particular, in the Bakhmut direction, where fierce battles have been going on for more than six months. A senior NATO official described the position of the enemy.

The Kremlin is running out of forces to advance near Bakhmut in the Donetsk region. On Friday, March 17, a NATO official told reporters on condition of anonymity that Russia is suffering up to 1,500 daily casualties in offensive attacks. Oddly enough, a significant part of this number of invaders goes to Kobzon from Bakhmut.

Losses of Ukraine are much less

At the same time, unlike Russia, Ukraine makes better use of its living resource, according to an Alliance official.

Ukraine suffers an order of magnitude less (losses – Channel 24) in battles where several thousand shells are spent on both sides per day, – journalist Dan Sabbag said in a message (Ukraine's loss figure is not given).

At the same time, the NATO representative stressed that it is not yet known how long the battle for Bakhmut will continue. However, this section of the front on the Bakhmutka River became a “kill zone” during this time.

Note! As a high-ranking official noted, Ukrainian ammunition spending in the Bakhmut direction is ahead of Western production.

He also stressed that there are no signs that Ukrainian forces will retreat from the city.

What is the situation in Bakhmut: expert opinions

  • Military expert and reserve colonel of the Armed Forces Vladislav Seleznev stated that the occupiers are continuously attacking Bakhmut from three sides and want to cut off the logistics. Actually, we are talking about the western microdistricts of the settlement.
  • Also, military expert Oleg Zhdanov analyzed the situation in the Bakhmut direction. According to him, the enemy is regrouping troops, but in the near future it should be expected that Russia will send more invaders to this direction.
  • But the adviser to the head of the President's Office, Mikhail Podolyak, said that the hostile state had reduced the number of shelling, and was hysterically looking for shells. In particular, Tehran can “come to the aid” of Moscow.

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