Russia may go for the capture of Mariupol during the “ceasefire” – military expert


Russia may go for the capture of Mariupol during the

Russian troops/Illustrative photo/Radio Liberty

If Russia and Ukraine reach a peace agreement and there is a ceasefire, the aggressor country can still seize Mariupol.

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov stressed that Russia cannot be trusted. He said this on Channel 24.

According to him, Russia is such a vile country that it can promise, and then just take it (Mariupol – Channel 24) and, by the way, after ceasefire, if such an agreement is reached.

Russia can commit such meanness in terms of capturing Mariupol. Therefore, it is very difficult to trust here, and if we start to negotiate, we need to keep it under control,” Zhdanov stressed.

The military expert says that there are smart people in Russia, including in General Staff of the RF Armed Forces. “Some are already saying that we need to sit down at the negotiating table and somehow get out of this war in order to at least partially preserve the combat capability of the Russian army,” Zhdanov said.

But the expert does not think that this will suit Putin and, judging by the fact that so far there have been no military successes of the Russian Federation on the battlefield, the head of the Kremlin is unlikely to make any concessions. “At least until he changes his own mind about defeating Ukraine,” he added.

By the way, Vladimir Putin is in an information bubble of lies. And the very fact of the “special operation” that he carried out is based on a total lie. Russian journalist Igor Yakovenko says that Putin made three mistakes that led to the defeat.

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