Russia may use IAEA report to put pressure on Ramstein: political scientist assessed scenario


Russia may use IAEA report to put pressure on Rammstein: political scientist assessed scenario

IAEA representatives are at the nuclear power plant next to Rosatom workers and Russian propagandists. But they are professional power engineers, so they will only take into account technical characteristics, not stories.

About this 24 channelssaid political scientist Valentin Gladkikh. He also noted that it would be important not even what they saw at the ZNPP, but what they were not shown.

use something to hang up support for Ukraine and make it harder or even impossible for us to receive military aid from our partners.

It is clear that one of the institutions of such support today is the Rammstein meeting. I would not so much pay attention to the IAEA mission as to the protests in European cities that were inspired by the Russians, – the expert notes.

Valentin Gladkikh says that this is also an attempt by the Russians to interfere in the internal politics of states in order to indirectly to influence the policy of the governments of these states.

The situation at the Zaporozhye NPP – what is known

  • Russian troops seized the Zaporizhzhya NPP back in March. the occupiers began to blackmail the world. They replaced the station and threatened to blow it up.
  • In August, Russia resorted to nuclear terrorism. Due to the provocation of the occupiers, for the first time there was a de-energization of the Zaporizhzhya NPP. Several times there was an emergency shutdown of power units.
  • Subsequently, the Zaporizhzhya NPP was visited by an IAEA mission led by its leader Rafael Grossi. The mission arrived at the ZNPP on September 1.
  • After visiting the ZNPP, Grossi said that the physical integrity of the ZNPP had been violated several times. At the same time, the head of the IAEA did not say who exactly violated it.
  • On Monday, September 5, the mission left the station.

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