Russia often launches balloons into Ukraine: does this interfere with the work of the military


Russia often launches balloons into Ukraine: does this interfere with the work of the military

Any object in the sky is considered an aerial target that can be shot down or not touched. The decision is made by the military leadership depending on whether the target is a threat or is safe.

Ukrainian troops cannot spend expensive shells on balloons. The speaker of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Colonel Yuri Ignat, spoke in more detail about how they are determined in an exclusive interview with Channel 24 .

Do Russian balloons interfere with the Ukrainian military

Anything in the sky is an aerial target, Yury Ignat explains. You can’t launch rockets all over the place, because they cost millions of dollars – Iris-T and NASAMS are not cheap.

For us, they are generally priceless, because they save our lives. We can't spend it on balloons. The bullet is the same air target. It is visible because it carries metal or some kind of foil, as a result of which the radar signal is reflected, – the speaker notes.

All information about the air target, namely its speed, flight altitude and direction, is quickly processed and analyzed. Based on these data, a conclusion is formed about what type of air target it is .

The fact is that the marker on the radar can be anything: a bullet, an airplane or a rocket. However, thanks to a detailed analysis, the military can understand what exactly the air target is seen with.

For example, when something flies at a speed of 800 kilometers per hour, it becomes clear that it is a cruise missile. They can also determine the aircraft: it can maneuver, reduce speed and flight altitude, etc.

Similar to a balloon, this target also has its own flight parameters. In addition, experts take into account the data of the weather service on the direction of the wind.

Every air object has a reflective surface. The smaller the target, the smaller this surface. The operator can distinguish the ball from one or another UAV. If the bullet flies low enough, then it is possible to shoot it down with anti-aircraft guns, but this is rarely the case. adds Ignat.

What is needed for a successful counteroffensive

The combat capability of the Ukrainian army directly depends on the help of foreign partners. In recent months, the issue of supplying Ukraine with modern aircraft has been particularly acute.

According to the speaker of the Air Force, for a successful counteroffensive, the Armed Forces of Ukraine need modern long-range air defense systems and multi-role fighters. They will help gain air superiority in the temporarily occupied territories.

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