“Russia perceives this as a weakness”: why the United States did not respond to the downing of the drone


The United States is positioning the damage to their drone by the Russians as an incident. Such a soft policy of the Americans only gives Russia another reason to rejoice at its indestructibility and strength in front of world leaders.

Mikhail Samus, deputy director of the Center for Army Research, told Channel 24 about this. Behind his words, the United States must show determination and uncompromising attitude towards the punishment of those responsible.

Cold War analogy

Mikhail Samus is convinced that such loyal behavior of the United States is a continuation of the policy of the administration of President Joe Biden to avoid escalation and the possibility of drawing the United States and NATO into a war with Russia.

Although, to be honest, a country that cannot conquer Bakhmut for several months cannot threaten the United States. This comes from elementary logic, he is convinced.

In his opinion, for unknown reasons, Biden perceives Russia and its leader Vladimir Putin as a kind of analogue of the Soviet Union and continues to play Cold War rules with them.

“Indeed, during the Cold War, it was customary to create such provocations, incidents, where ships, planes were pushed around, where someone sometimes fell. But in principle, everyone understood that this was such a game when you need to demonstrate your strength, but, of course , it didn’t come to a hot conflict,” he explained.

According to him, even when such events took place in Africa, Latin America or Afghanistan, both the Soviet Union and the United States were still involved. However, the states still tried to avoid confrontation.

Mikhail Samus explained why the US is so laconic about the incident with Russia: watch the video

Evidence of Russian aggression

The deputy director of the Army Research Center said that for some reason the United States maintains the same status.

“Why were the Su-27 planes that attacked the US military aircraft not shot down? That is, according to the UN Resolution and the definition of what aggression is – this is direct military aggression against the United States,” he explained.

Samus stressed that on the territory of Romania there are American Patriot systems guarding the Aegis anti-missile defense systems. Therefore, the question still arises why the Russian targets were not shot down.

NATO is afraid

Samus added that the concerns were raised precisely through the prism of undermining the authority of NATO against the backdrop of the incident.

Obviously, in the Biden administration, national security advisers believe that this could lead to unpredictable consequences, for example, drawing NATO into this war, he predicted.

According to him, NATO has no unity now. This is because Hungary would not have voted for the activation of collective defense.

“This could lead to the degradation of NATO, which, of course, no one needs now. But I think that here the United States is blowing too much on cold milk,” Samus is convinced.

In his opinion, it was necessary to show Russia that it is impossible to establish its own rules in international waters and international airspace.

The position of the United States, it seems to me, is inexpediently soft. Russia perceives this as a weakness, he focused his attention.

In his opinion, the passivity of the United States only caused joy among the Russians, and this, in turn, will negatively affect the rhetoric of Russian propagandists, who are not silent anyway, and on the battlefield in Ukraine.

Beating an American drone over the Black Sea: briefly

  • On March 14, the US European Command reported that an American MQ-9 Reaper drone was operating in international airspace over the Black Sea. He was intercepted and shot down by a Russian Su-27 aircraft.
  • The White House said the downing of a US MQ-9 Reaper over the Black Sea was “dangerous and unprofessional.” They also called for paying attention to such incidents, because they are very revealing.
  • Military expert Oleg Zhdanov noted that the United States will not just leave the incident with damage to a drone over the Black Sea. The answer will be tough and fair.

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