Russia plans to recruit 400,000 more contract soldiers after failed offensive – Bloomberg


Russia plans to recruit 400,000 more contract soldiers after failed offensive - Bloomberg

The Russian offensive in Ukraine has failed. The Kremlin plans to recruit another 400,000 contract soldiers.

According to Ukrainian intelligence, the invaders are planning a new wave of mobilization. However, they cannot solve the problem of lack of equipment and officers.

The Russians do not abandon their attempts to occupy Ukraine

So far, the Russian occupying army has focused on containing the new offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It is expected to start soon.

Bloomberg sources said the Kremlin is trying to make up for significant losses with new military personnel, including contract soldiers. Another such large-scale campaign will allow not to call up reservists for the time being.

In turn, The New York Times said that dictator Vladimir Putin wants to mobilize hundreds of thousands of Russians into the army. He will motivate this by allegedly “protecting Russia from being taken over by NATO and restoring historical lands.”

Putin makes a miss after a miss

Advisor to the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Dan Rice believes that Bakhmut is the place where the Russian army went to die. Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin continues to make a mistake on a mistake, violating all the principles of war.

A year ago, he attacked Ukraine in the wrong month. In February, you can't attack under these conditions. But he still continued to attack this year in February and March. And all he did was eat his army. Attacking in open areas, with infantry against artillery, they lost so many Russians,” Zaluzhny’s adviser noted.

He added that the Ukrainian military is currently killing about 25,000 Russian soldiers a month. About 75 thousand more Russians were wounded.

According to Rice, the figures for March will be about the same. At the front, the best units of the Russian army are now being destroyed, because this is a terrible time to attack.

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