Russia prepares DRG, attracting Belarusian military, – Ministry of Defense


Russia is preparing the DRG, attracting /></p>
<p>Verevka spoke about the creation by Russia of the DRG from the Belarusian military/Collage of Channel 24</p>
<p _ngcontent-sc88=On the territory of Belarus, Russia is preparing sabotage and reconnaissance groups. For their formation, the aggressor country uses the Belarusian military.

This was stated by the speaker of the Ministry of Defense Alexander Motuzyanyk at a briefing in Media Center Ukraine, Channel 24 reports. Ukrainian intelligence data speaks of the training of saboteurs.

What is the situation on the border with Belarus

Alexander Motuzyanyk said that there are now up to 6 battalions of Belarusian troops on the border with Ukraine. The representative of the Ministry of Defense noted that the number of Belarusian troops has decreased, because earlier intelligence data indicated that there were up to 7 battalions on the border.

In addition, intelligence data now indicate that Russia is not preparing an offensive from the territory of Belarus. Currently, the Belarusian troops are conducting demonstrative actions and are trying to conduct reconnaissance. However, the aggressor country is trying to form sabotage and reconnaissance groups.

Our intelligence informs us that, as of today, facts of training by Russian forces on the territory (Belarus – 24 channel) of this part of the sabotage and reconnaissance groups from among the military personnel of Belarus,” Motuzianyk said.

The threat from Belarus to Ukraine: latest news

Over the past few weeks, there has been an active discussion of the possibility of an offensive from the territory of Belarus, but, fortunately, so far there is no evidence of a new invasion. However, from the territory of Belarus, many missile strikes are carried out against our state. Over the past 4 days, infidels have launched 130 missile attacks on Ukraine and a significant part of the missiles were fired from Belarus. Due to active rocket attacks, Ukrainians are persistently asked not to ignore air raid alerts.

Despite this, according to Ukrainian intelligence, Russia is gradually drawing Belarus into the war against Ukraine. The Russians hope that the Belarusian troops will go on the offensive in order to create problems for the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the regrouping. The intelligence noted that at the beginning of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the Belarusians provided the Russian occupiers with airfields, infrastructure and territory. Now the Belarusians are giving their ammunition and weapons to the infidels, which will be used against the Armed Forces of Ukraine and peaceful Ukrainians.

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