Russia proposed to combine Sputnik V and Oxford vaccine

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Russia proposed to combine Sputnik V and Oxford vaccine

The developers of the Russian vaccine against coronavirus Sputnik V proposed the Anglo-Swedish company AstraZeneca to start joint drug trials. This was reported on Twitter “Sputnik V”.

Russian experts drew attention to the fact that trials, during which volunteers received a full dose of the vaccine developed by AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford, showed an efficiency of 62 percent. “If they conduct a new clinical trial, we propose to try to combine AstraZeneca injections with Sputnik V to increase efficiency,” it was reported. Sputnik V's developers have indicated that combination vaccines may be important for revaccination.

On November 24, it was reported that the effectiveness of the first Russian vaccine against coronavirus exceeded 95 percent. On the 42nd day after the first injection (21st day after the second injection), preliminary data showed an efficacy of more than 95 percent. By this time, the volunteers had already developed a stable immune response.

To date, two vaccines against COVID-19 have been registered in Russia. The first drug to be registered was Sputnik V. On October 14, President Vladimir Putin announced the registration of EpiVacCorona from the Vector Center. The country is also developing a third drug – this is being done by the Chumakov Center. It is planned that the mass production of the vaccine will begin in February 2021.

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