Russia proposed to create a multi-missile interceptor

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In Russia, they proposed to create a multi-missile interceptor

A possible solution to the problem of combating hypersonic anti-ship missiles (ASM) can be the use of multi-missile interceptors, suggests in the publication of the “Military-Industrial Courier” Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Missile and Artillery Sciences (RARAN), Doctor of Military Sciences Konstantin Sivkov.

“A promising direction in the development of ultra-long-range air-to-air missiles may be the transition to intermediate carriers of air combat missiles, when instead of a conventional warhead, several small sub-missiles, a kind of multi-missile interceptor, are installed on a missile suspended on a fighter,” the author writes.

According to the estimates of a corresponding member of RARAN, the use of multi-missile interceptors instead of Standard Missile 6 (SM-6) missiles on American ships of the Ticonderoga or Arleigh Burke types makes it possible with a fairly high probability “to repel the strike of small groups of hypersonic anti-ship missiles with fire weapons.”

Thus, the doctor of military sciences reacted to the LongShot project of the Office of Advanced Research Projects of the US Department of Defense, which involves the creation of a fighter-launched drone that carries air-to-air missiles, which Popular Mechanics magazine wrote about in February.

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